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? Lahaina Maui Hawaii Fireworks & Other July 4th Events | Maui Estates Group

Lahaina Maui Hawaii is well known for its majestic beaches, perfect weather, world class shopping, and restaurants. However, when it comes to celebrating the country’s birthday, Lahaina(Zip Code 96761) Maui Hawaii is turning down the heat and going oceanside for cruises and festivities.

? Lahaina Maui Hawaii

The fireworks at Lahaina Maui Hawaii are scheduled for July 4th at 8:00 PM from a barge offshore from Front Street.

Other Lahaina Maui Hawaii Events

  • Events will begin in the afternoon with live music, lots of food, and games for the keiki (kids).
  • There are always 4th of July cocktail and dinner cruises to see the July 4th fireworks. However, you should reserve it as soon as possible as many of these special cruises sell out. Be sure to check out:

? Tips for Independence Day Safety

Independence Day has been dubbed one of the deadliest holidays of the year. And the risks aren’t all in the fireworks. Car crashes, accidental drowning, and fireworks contribute to 41,200 injuries and 385 deaths over fourth of July weekend each year according to a report from the National Safety Council.

Use fireworks responsibly. Read the instructions, take the necessary precautions, and be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. Don’t drink and drive, and know that alcohol and fireworks can be a deadly combination. Use fireworks outdoors only and away from buildings and structures that could catch fire. Have buckets of water or a hose on hand to extinguish fireworks after burning.

? Pet Safety During July 4th Celebrations ?

What’s fun and exciting for us may be terrifying to our pets. Don’t take your pet to a fireworks display. Sensitive pets should be kept in a safe interior room where you can buffer the noise as much as possible. Make sure your pets are wearing tags if they escape in a fear-induced frenzy. Be conscious of your pets and protect them as much as you can by keeping them safe, secure, away from danger, and properly tagged in case they flee in fear.

As other fireworks on Maui Hawaii are confirmed, we will update this page.




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