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Lanai Maui Real Estate Guide Lanai Maui HI Homes For Sale

Lanai is Maui’s neighboring island and is an incredible place to buy real estate in Hawaii. This island is truly unique, and you’re going to love learning about what makes Lanai one of the best places in all of Hawaii to buy a home.

For starters, Lanai is the least populated island in the Hawaii Island chain. That means you can truly live out your island paradise dream without the crowds that come with Waikiki and the North Shore. In the past, Lanai was home to the world’s largest pineapple plantation and was later developed in the 1920’s by James Drummond Dole, who built houses for the Lanai City workers. Today, tech billionaire Larry Ellison owns most of this island but there’s still some properties for sale here for you!

Lanai is small and often quiet, but there’s still plenty for you to do and enjoy. On the island, you can check out everything from a luxury resort and a champion-level golf course to rustic outdoor activities. And did we mention that the beaches on Lanai are hands-down some of the best in the world? Well, they certainly are! Every day boats head towards Lanai from the Lahaina harbor to check out the resident spinner dolphins that can be seen off the coast of Lanai and from the popular Hulopoe Beach. Just think, if you lived here you could see them whenever you want, along with sea turtles and plenty of whales during the winter months! You can also enjoy four-wheeling on Lanai’s off-road terrain, or hiking on one of the island’s many trails whenever you wanted!

And while it’s fun to get out and into the great outdoors from time to time, we know you’re also interested in hearing what else there is to do on the island. Well, you’ll be pleased to know the renowned The Four Seasons Resort of Lanai is here. This high-class resort is definitely worth checking out, along with the Blue Ginger Café, Café 565 and Richard’s Market.

So, if you’re in the market for a real island home, then make sure to look into the homes for sale on Lanai. If you have any questions about Lanai or any other properties for sale on Maui, make sure to contact us so we can help you right away. We hope you enjoyed learning about Lanai and add it to your list of places to look into for real estate in Hawaii. Mahalo.